About Us

Company Overview

Afrizone Corporation is an African eCommerce and technology company that renders support services for Africa’s businesses to engage in modern trade. It has positioned itself in South Africa to be able to cut through the continent’s complexity and empowering African businesses to challenge the status quo and create unlimited opportunities in the continent to dominate more in the world economy.

Team Management

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas K Diza

Before he Co-founded Afrizone Corporation, Nicholas had co-founded Charles Nicholas Networks Pvt Ltd in Zimbabwe in 2018 which he led to facilitate Trade Shows in the international markets for African SMEs to showcase and sell their products. During the time, he travelled the world and met with industry leaders and tech stakeholders that helped him to gain experience and sharpen his vision of Afrizone Corporation.

Nicholas went to study Telecommunications Engineering in China in 2014, when the Chinese eCommerce industry was experiencing an out rise to the world. For Nicholas being a mission- oriented entrepreneur means honing in on a very specific problem to solve. Hopefully, one that you are uniquely qualified to solve. For him, it happens to be one that means bringing a very positive impact to the African continent. China taught him a lot about complex market places, technology and how to solve the economic issues with e-commerce businesses. He learned about product management and working with world-class team. One of his biggest takeaways was being customer-focused.

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Manager

Charles M Diza

Charles M Diza was the Co-Founder and C.O.O of Charles Nicholas Networks before he co- founded Afrizone Corporation together with his young brother Nicholas. He guided the company’s operations on a day-to-day basis to facilitate the Trade Shows. His business experience spans across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, technology, accounting and entertainment. He operated Charles Nicholas Networks operations, in identifying the relationships and partnerships with other businesses to increase revenue and potential for growth.

Regional Sales Manager

Blessing Madura

Blessing is a natural sales visionary. He has worked for Nestle Zimbabwe and he is co-founder of Visionary Freighters P/L. He is also a board member of Shungu Dzevana Children’s Home, Packrite (PVT) Ltd, Founder at Chikoko Traditional Games and National Manager at Lovely Zimbabwe.

Chief Financial Officer

Trevor T Zhanje

Trevor worked at KPMG Chartered Accountants Zimbabwe as an Audit Senior Associate before he joined Afrizone Corporation. He worked on different audits of different sizes and he was responsible for all ground work on audits. This also meant supervision and work review of a small team of 3 –5 people. Some of his duties involved preparing reports of audit findings to management and review of internal controls.

He reviewed many financial statements and in cases of smaller clients that include Pension Funds and NGOs preparation of financial statements. He also prepared Budgets in preparation of audits and some of the clients he worked on include but are not limited to Old Mutual Zimbabwe, Astra Chemicals, Standards Association of Zimbabwe, Whelson Transport, Zimbabwe Shipping, Celebration Church, Various Pension Funds and Various NGOs

Our Culture


To make Africa a middle class economy continent by the year 2035.


1. To eradicate poverty in the African communities through our digital capabilities.
2. To promote African culture and brands to the world.


1. To satisfy our customers
2. Being Transparency to our stakeholders and employees
3. Loyalty to our partners

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