Afrizone Corporation

Renders Support Services for Africa’s Businesses to Engage in Modern Trade

Company Overview

Afrizone Corporation is an African eCommerce and technology company that renders support services for Africa’s businesses to engage in modern trade. It has positioned itself in South Africa to be able to cut through the continent’s complexity and empowering African businesses to challenge the status quo and create unlimited opportunities in the continent to dominate more in the world economy.

Our Solutions

International Export Trade

We intend to help African businesses to engage in International export trade. Our solution gives a cross-border eCommerce marketplace that gives global consumers a convenient way to shop direct from Africa’s businesses.

Intra Trade

Afrizone Corporation is also in line with Africa’s vision 2063 that promotes Africa’s Continental Free Trade Area for African businesses to trade freely within the continent. It offers to utilise the unlocked African borders through its technology capabilities.

Our Story

Do more with cross-border eCommerce. The African traditional trade journey was complex. It wasn’t built for agile, global business. We intend to change that.

We make modern trade seamless – but we also make so much more. Using our expertise, we empower African businesses to unlock more value in every trade transaction so they can do what they do even better.

Become A Partner

Join us in creating the future of Africa’s Cross-border eCommerce. Tell us your story and we’ll be in touch.